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Who We Are:

You may have participated in ABCOM’s Annual Christmas Party and Golf Tournament every year, but who are the masterminds behind these events?  Learn about who we are, check out our mugs and say hi next time you see one of us around.

Our Philosophy

Aimed at keeping the industry dynamic, collaborative and forward thinking, abcom believes in the importance of educating members on issues and advancements in broadcast, media and advertising though regular seminars.

How ABCOM Supports our Industry

Past speakers include Theresa Treutler (President and CEO of Television Bureau of Canada), Jim Macleod (President of BBM Canada), Tim Monaghan (VP and Media Director of Cossette Media) and Gary Belgrave (President of Radio Marketing Bureau).

ABCOM is run by an illustrious group of individuals from various facets of the industry, from radio and television to agency to rep house and advertiser.

In addition, ABCOM strongly believes in recognizing the achievements and services from hard-working professionals within the industry. Each year, the organization awards one outstanding individual the Audrey Award, in honor of the late Audrey Bothamley, who was—and will always remain—a well-respected and beloved member of the community.

Finally, ABCOM fosters the education process of students entering the industry. Each year, the organization selects one to three BCIT students to receive bursaries, as it is these bright up-and-comers who will change, shape and dictate the future of media.

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Bursaries & Awards

Every year ABCOM celebrates the best and brightest in our industry.
Audrey Award

Each year, ABCOM hands out the Audrey Award, recognizing one outstanding member of the industry whose achievements and services are in the spirit of the late Audrey Bothamley.

Rising Star

The ABCOM Rising Star Award aims to recognize and inspire future leaders in the BC media industry. ​The Rising Star Award is given to a member of the BC media industry with 5 years or less experience.

BCIT Bursary

Each year, ABCOM selects one to three graduating BCIT students to receive full or partial amounts of a $4,000 annual bursary to aid them as they enter the industry.

Audrey Award

The Audrey Award recognizes an outstanding commitment and contribution to our industry.  The winner is viewed as a success, an innovator and most importantly, a leader.  

A more detailed description of Audrey Bothamley and the spirit of the criteria in which the award is made can be found here.

The Audrey Award is voted on and awarded by the ABCOM Board of Directors, with nominations and supporting endorsements being considered from the broader Media industry.

Please address all nominations to: The ABCOM Board:

Past Winners:

Past recipients of the Audrey Award include – (Since 1988) : Darrel Shee, Jim Stovin, Martha King, Jim Crawford, Jean Hardman Henderson, Alden Diehl, John Newbery, Ray Dagg, Frank Jobes, Red Robinson, Joyce Shea, Terry Dinsmore, Al Anaka, Smita Patel, Warren Morgan, David Stanger, Michael Godin, Ian Grant, Ruth Powell, Steve Vrlak, Mel Sprackman, Doug Elphick, Joyce Taylor-Bauer, Joe Balango, Peter Alpen, Barry O’Donnell, Dan McAllister, Nick Misisco, Ron Jacques, Carrie Barlow, Cam Iverson & Stuart Ince, John Voiles, and David St. Laurent.

Peter Kambo is the Audrey Award Winner
Chloe Chapple is the recipient of the 2022 Rising Star Award

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is given to a member of the BC media industry with 5 years or less experience, who stands out as a potential future leader by:

  • Naturally assuming a role as both a collaborator and mentor to peers and within their team(s)

  • Demonstrating a flair for innovation and insights that help build effective solutions

  • Challenging the status quo for the betterment of the industry and the work undertaken for clients

  • Demonstrating an affinity for being involved and acting as an influencer within the media community

ABCOM aims to keep the BC media industry dynamic, collaborative and forward thinking while fostering a sense of community among its members. A primary mandate of the Association is to nurture the health and growth of the industry. To this end, the Rising Star Award recognizes the value provided by the industry’s best and brightest junior members, and the roles they will play in continuing the health of the industry in the future.

If you wish to nominate someone in the BC media industry as per the above criteria, please submit a brief, written nomination that outlines, with examples, why your nominee should be the recipient of the award in 2022. Creative submissions are encourage!  Presentation slides and endorsement are welcomed and recommended.  Show us why your colleague should be our industry’s next Rising Star!

Please address all nominations to: The ABCOM Board:

BCIT Bursary: 2024 Winner

The ABCOM Student Outreach Committee congratulates Ana Sanchez for winning the 2024 BCIT Bursary! Originally from Peru, Ana graduated from BCIT with a degree in Marketing Management, where her team won the Capstone Project.

She completed her internship at Cossette and she says that she is “eager to apply my skills and experience to new challenges in the marketing industry with the goal of becoming an integral part of an account services or strategy team.”

There were many strong candidates this year and Ana stood apart with a strong application and interview, along with volunteering and proactively networking with various members of the ABCOM Board. 

If you’re looking to connect with Ana, or other new talent who are eager to enter the advertising industry, please reach out to Dennis from the ABCOM Student Outreach Committee (

Ana Sanchez

Media, Broadcast, Advertising And Digital Industry Influencers.

The ABCOM Board of Directors is made up of influencers in media, broadcast, advertising and digital industries. Members are nominated by their peers, but if you are interested to be part of the Board, we encourage you to fill out an application form for consideration of nomination.
Anna Widomska


Victoria Crites

Board Member

Deanna Letford

Board Member

Ben Jarman

Board Member

Jenn Bowie

Vice President

Dominic Laforest

Board Member

Kim Hahn

Board Member

Alex Day

Board Member

Dennis Villagomez

Board Member

Hilary Levy


Karley Fraser

Board Member

Kate Thomas

Board Member

Scott McWilliam

Board Member

Kevin Crosson

Board Member

Mike Eggen

Board Member

Danny O'Brien

Board Member

Stephanie Tagami

Board Member

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Industry Networking With Like Minded Professionals.

ABCOM believes in the value of networking with industry professionals throughout their career lifecycle. Annual events such as the Christmas Luncheon and Golf Tournament provide the opportunity to build new (or strengthen longstanding) business and personal relationships. Recognition of leaders at any stage of their career is also of importance to ABCOM. Through the Student Bursary and Audrey Awards, ABCOM fulfills their mandate to reward industry leaders and inspire up-and-comers.
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